Trevor Juras is a writer and director from Toronto, Canada. After completing his BFA (that’s a Bachelor of Fine Arts, in case you weren’t sure) at York University in Film & Video, Trevor stumbled into the world of casting. Vowing to only stay in casting for about 6 months, Trevor’s masochistic tendencies kept him there much longer. Trevor helped cast 1000s of TV commercials, as well as a many films and TV shows. This painful ordeal ended in 2012 when Trevor quit casting to write and direct. His first short, The Lamp, debuted at the 2013 Vancouver International Film Festival. He has just completed his second short film, Grace, and has several other projects in various stages of development. He describes his style as dark, suspenseful, intelligent, watchable, humorous, and ironic. I could keep at it with the adjectives, but I’ll stop there.